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Still the simplest way to keep the " honest " person out,  LOCK YOUR DOORS!!

Locksmithing is a trade that has been around for centuries.  We've been around for 25 years.

Let us keep your belongings locked and secured.  We can place all of you door locks and padlocks on one key.

We carry a complete line of brand name door hardware; (door closer's, automatic door operators, panic exit bars, electric locking devices, sliding door locks and bars, door key locks, passage locks, padlocks, digital locks and much more).

Restricted Keyways;  Medico, Kaba Peaks, MX-2 - a signature must be giving to get keys cut.

Why carry 5 keys when 1 key will do the job?

Talk to us about simplifying your troubles, keys don't have to be such a pain.

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